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µracoli stands for microcontroller radio communications library and is intended to be a package that demonstrates capabilities and usage of Atmel's IEEE-802.15.4 radio transceivers AT86RF{230,231,212} in combination with AVR 8 bit microcontrollers (e.g. ATmega16, ATmega1281, ATmega128RFA1, ...).

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Further progress with packaging

The last two hours I did spend with finishing the build rules for the uracoli arduino package.

I abondoned the idea with delivering static libraries and linking them with the arduino core files. This would need a change in Compiler.java which is probably unlikely that it find its way into the arduino mainline (see arduino-0018-uracoli.patch).

Instead of this approach, now a custom hardware folder with all required source and header files is generated. The first initial Radio Sketch is now compiling from inside the arduino GUI.

The next steps will be
  • looking for a BSD licenseable stk500v1 bootloader
  • adding Pierce's Zigduino to the list of supported hardware.
  • writing a simple wireless UART that illustrates the usage

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