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µracoli stands for microcontroller radio communications library and is intended to be a package that demonstrates capabilities and usage of Atmel's IEEE-802.15.4 radio transceivers AT86RF{230,231,212} in combination with AVR 8 bit microcontrollers (e.g. ATmega16, ATmega1281, ATmega128RFA1, ...).

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Dogorians wireless light fixtures run uracoli

The show Dogorians (http://www.dogora.com), a musical now (May 2013) playing at the Theatre du Soleil in France, needed some compact remote wireless light fixtures.

So, in conjunction with Daniel and Axel, we created some DMX driven remote nodes. This has been made in no time: 3 weeks from first draft to product delivery. We both created the software and hardware, for both the remote nodes and the gateway.

The on-field setup was easy: set the dip switch addresses, hook the gateway on the DMX light board, over !

DMX having a rather high transfer rate (250kbps), we had to use some low-level tricks such has writing straight from UART to TRX buffer (call it poor man's DMA :)).

We have future projects to make a full commercial product out of this first version.

At the moment, the code is not opened but feel free to ask for advice/snippets !

The boards ready to ship !

 The DMX to wireless gateway:

 Enclosures for the lights:

Close-up of a board:

Close-up of a boards, with JTAG programming wires:

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